The Week In Review: 4/20-4/26

Wow! What a week of stories in the blogosphere!

First things first: The news in the 42nd Congressional District is that Ed Chau is the fundraising leader in that race. Big deal. No surprise there. Or is there? Turns out Ed lent his campaign 20-grand, so the gap isn’t as large as it seems. Some of the blogs have asked why he and some of his donors come from outside of the district. I said it before and I’ll repeat: This should be a non-issue. He lives just a few miles north of the border. Not exactly over the river and through the woods, now is it?

His Democratic challenger Ron Shepston has no political experience, add to that the fact that Ed got the CA Teachers endorsement, the only endorsement that can help him in this race in my opinion, plus the merely sporadic communication between Ron and the online community that made him known to begin with, and despite the hard feelings between Ed Chau’s campaign and me, I must lean towards him in this race, as I did at the start.

I also found an ironic website about a gentleman who happens to have the same name as the practically-unknown Demoblican in the race, Michael Williamson. Williamson, a Democrat in name only, describes himself on his campaign website as the ‘no-amnesty candidate.’ No thanks, but feel free to check out the link to the non-candidate Williamson’s site. He does mission work in Mexico!

Random ‘Weak’ly Updates:

From California Faultline:

John Myers of KQED’s Capital Notes opines:

Of course, AB 2914 could pose an interesting dilemma for some legislators, namely Republicans. After all, if you’re a social conservative you’d probably love nothing more than to see the XXX industry move out. But if you’re a fiscal conservative, you’re probably loathe to enact a new tax. Oh, the irony.

That’s right. A ‘porn tax.’ See for yourself. An increase of 8%. What oh what is a backwardly fiscal liberal, social conservative Demoblican to do? I’ll be keeping an eye on this story. Just the quote above makes for compelling arguments on both sides for sure. And if you think my headlines are risque, check out this one: ‘Assemblyman proposes stiff increase of porn tax!’ [accent added]

Another blog entry opines this golden nugget from The Fresno Bee:

Don’t let teens drive at all… A hardship? Hardly. Let ‘em ride the bus. Maybe we’d get more and better buses in Fresno if there were more riders.

They won’t ride the bus without damn good attempts to first beg for or con more freebies from ‘Mom’s Taxi.’ Do you have any idea how lazy teenagers are? I also love the ‘the minority can screw it up for the majority argument.’ Classic! So instead of learning how to drive under a parent’s supervision, we’re going to have 18 year olds who are just barely legally responsible for themselves just barely having any driving skills. Nice. Don’t fix the inevitable problem, just push it back 2 and a half years. An 18 year old is not that much more responsible than a 16 year old to justify this kind of unilateral action blaming age as opposed to inexperience for hazards on our roads.

On Patterico’s Pontifications, the age of the Bush Apologist has begun, with comments like:

‘W, he’s got the hardest job in the world, and in many respects has presided over a remarkable recovery from an enormous attack on our economy, and security. He’s failed in many ways, but he’s also succeeded in many ways and isn’t nearly as bad as people claim he is.’

No comment necessary, except to say that Bush likely has the softest you-know-what due to all that coke he did in the 70′s. Oh wait, you forgot about that after 7+ years of total incompetence? My party may not be represented by elephant, but I’ll ‘never forget’ all right. Bush should have been the poster child for Nancy Reagan’s ‘Just Say No’ campaign!

And finally, I think everyone knows about the Paul Lucas/Commie Girl/Joe Dunn blowup by now. The story was covered on this blog, ‘The LBC,’ and Orange Juice! I have no comment on this dead issue at this time, but in case you missed it, you know where to find us!

This has been your week in review. The dancers work for tips, so please be generous!



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