Bill Clinton speech liveblog.

Michelle Obama. What was THAT look for? Are you THAT pissed at Bill? The camera panned away QUICKLY after it saw that.

OK, Bill Clinton made it clear unequivocally that he’s in Denver to support Obama, and now Michelle is smiling. Maybe she wasn’t pissed at Bill. So why did she look so angry? Again.

Nope, guess she’s OK. She smiling like a cheshire cat now, even though Clinton’s lying through his teeth.

Kiss-ass. Deferring to the wife you cheated on. Nice. Don’t want to follow her speech Bill? She’s a second term Senator. You’re a two-term President. Why not just hand Obama your credibility in little paper bills like money?

And if you really want to help Obama, why talk about Hillary’s ‘commitment’ to him instead of your own… twice?

Talking about the economy now. Good. Stick with what you’re good at.

Unilateralism. Imported oil. Too many foreign policy issues to keep up with and a dig at Bush and an insinuation that McCain is his continuation. He’s just going on the offensive now. He still won’t talk about what Obama will do better.

Apparently though, he’s the right man for ‘this job.’

Rally us? Inspire us? Obama’s plans are better? Now he’s talking up Obama but still saying nothing about what he will do. Seriously. What’s the plan man? Empty suit platitudes from Bill Clinton now? Say it ain’t so!

By selecting Biden, Obama ‘hit it out of the park.’ Ok, I don’t get it now. If I were he, I’d be pissed that my wife didn’t get the job, why is he kissing Biden’s ass now? What did he promise the Clintons?

With Biden we’ll have ‘national security leadership,’ but Obama will restore ‘American leadership in the world.’ Oh yeah, he’s lending Obama some domestic issues credibility, but making him look weak on national security. Methinks the Clintons want their buddy Johnny to win this one. Heeeere’s Johnny!

He says Obama is ready. He’s implying that Obama is a coalition-builder – diplomacy to Biden’s strength. And then a seque into AIDS? A way to talk about himself? It doesn’t work, now we’re back on the military issue. Is he suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder or what?

He says Obama will stand up to the bad guys. I’m not quite convinced yet.

… and now we’re talking about life here at home again, but the ‘American innovation’ comment strikes close to home as I’ve said we need more on this blog.

We must be strong at home. Yup. Totally agree with that. Other nations should by more impressed by ‘the power of our example, then the example of our power.’ Oh yeah, that one is going down in the all-time top quote list!

That crowd is insane!

Production is up? Eesh. I think I’d have to argue that, but his point about inequality is fairly accurate.

Let’s pull those heart strings. He may be right about health care coverages, but he’s exploiting emotions to increase the size of government. I don’t think Hillarycare is what America needs. What we need is a ground-up reform of the system starting with an attempt to solve the issue of frivolous lawsuits which will help it reduce its risks, then we must give financial incentive to patients to keep themselves healthy and use clinics in lieu of emergency rooms, all the while, decreasing premiums, to make health care more affordable so that the government can afford to cover more people who do not receive benefits at their jobs.

‘Multiple, multiple deployments?’ Torture? Quid pro quo? Katrina and cronyism? Sure, we can do better than that, but how will Obama do better than that? Like Hillary, not A-list material.

Now he’s honoring McCain. Hillary did the same last night.

Extremism defined McCain’s party for 25 years? I beg to differ. Reagan preached a quiet strength throughout the cold war. Sorry Bill, but clearly you’ve forgotten that Reagan is to foreign policy what you were to domestic policy.

He’s back on the issue that John McCain claims outright ignorance on the economy. He happens to be right on this one.

‘Economic equality’ sounds like a Robin Hood effect, but it’s true that without the middle class, practically nothing would get done. Why are we forcing people into poverty for our sacred open markets? I’m a small government girl, but I think it’s time that business realize that an unhappy middle class lowers production. Ahh… who cares, right? They’ll just ship our jobs to India! We should be grateful for what they’ve done for us? *ROFL* Sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face. Government should act as a safety net only, but now is an excellent time to deploy it.

Is he going to cry? I miss those old Clinton days too, but come ON!

Clinton’s comparing Obama’s youth to his own. Obama is NOT Clinton. But he is on the ‘right side of history.’ Hopefully, anyway.

American Dream, progress, perfect union. Blue, blue, blue. Why do Dems always talk about freedom but not liberty? Obama represents unity and hope. Why? Because he’s bi-racial?

A place called Hope. ‘Red meat,’ but old material again. That’s how he goes offstage? It doesn’t matter; the crowd loves it. They’re playing ‘Beautiful Day’ again, but why not ‘Don’t Stop…’ thinking about yesterday?

… and that’s how I go offstage. I’ll add my thoughts on the Biden speech to the comments as soon as he speaks. See you then!


PS: On CNN, the pundits are eating it up. Why? He said the right things, but I didn’t feel it was heartfelt.


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